Alpaca Pack: Essentials for minimalist backpacking and trekking

Alpaca Pack: Essentials for minimalist backpacking and trekking

Your next journey is coming soon and you’re the type that does not over pack and only needs the essentials. Every item has a multi-purpose and should be able to last your entire trip. If you love Alpaca wool and a backpacker minimalist, we have your Alpaca Pack. Below is a list of necessary items that will save you during your backpacking trip especially if your trekking through Machu Picchu or other parts of Peru. Expect all types of extreme weather conditions in Peru from freezing cold to windy to sunny and extremely hot.

Bring the RIGHT clothes. Your gear must be:

  • Anti-bacterial: you wash less
  • Odor-resistant: you don’t smell and your other clothes won’t smell
  • Sweat wicking: dry clothes on you and in your bag always
  • Low water retention: no drying time necessary
  • Temperature regulated: comfortable in both hot and cold temps
  • Soft: feels nice to the touch
  • Durable: won’t rip and last your whole trip
  • Warm: Avoid getting chills and fevers
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Avoid an aching back


Cotton will soak up your sweat and you could get very sick. Walking in wet cotton will give you blisters and rashes from the friction against your skin. You want all your clothes to have the lowest possible water retention that will wick away your sweat, so you stay dry.


Merino wool, while preferable to cotton, is not always the best answer. It retains moisture by 30% of its weight and is not the most lightweight of fabric choices. Again, any water retention can cause blisters and rashes. Alpaca wool has almost 0% of moisture retention and wicks away almost all of your sweat. This means you’re dry! And this means other clothes in your backpack won’t get wet!


Molecularly speaking, Alpaca fibers have a very defined, hollow core that traps your body heat in cold conditions. This also makes it incredibly lightweight and breathable, so you don’t feel too hot when hiking. Merino wool fibers also carry some of these benefits but not nearly as efficiently as Alpaca wool. This is because Merino wool fiber have tiny air pockets that trap body heat, but Alpaca wool fibers have that more defined, hollow core in its center. Alpaca fibers are naturally structured to be durable and withstand heat and freezing points. There’s more to learn here.



1) Alpaca wool Shirts:

  • Lightweight and breathable, so you don't feel too hot and not too cold
  • Wicks away your sweat
  • Feel dry while hiking

2) Alpaca wool Base layer:

  • Perfect for a sunny day and a light breeze
  • Naturally protects against solar radiation
  • Breathable for when you sweat
  • Half Zip or Full Zip for a better cold down

3) Alpaca wool Mid layer:

  • 2nd layer for cold nights and rainy season
  • Retains more warmth
  • Flexible fibers help you hike freely

4) Alpaca wool Leggings:

  • Breathable and protects against winds
  • Keeps your legs from feelings cold
  • Perfect to wear under long shirts and dresses

5) Alpaca wool sweatpants:

  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Great to keep you warm at night

6) Alpaca wool socks:

  • Keeps your shoes and feet odor free
  • Does not absorb water and wicks off sweat
  • Prevents chafing
  • Keeps toes and feet warm

7) Alpaca wool Beanie:

  • Unexpected rain: Alpaca beanie keeps your head dry and wicks off rain
  • Does not absorb water so your clothes do not get wet when you put it in your pack

8) Alpaca wool Snood / Neckwarmer / Neck gaiter: 

  • Wind repellent: protects from the dust and wind
  • Needed at night for additional warmth
  • Keeps neck, face, and ears warm

9) Alpaca wool boxers / panties:

  • Protects against odor
  • Super comfortable and breathable

10) Alpaca Wool sports bra:

  • Wicks off sweat
  • Keeps chest warm and breathable

All items require minimal hand washing and are wrinkle resistant.

Ideally backpackers and campers have one or several of each depending on the length of their trip. If you are doing a 4-day hike like the Inca trail, we recommend at least 1 item each and possible 2 trekking shirts. All items are necessary when backpacking especially through the Andes. 



Alpaca wool base layers / mid layers can be worn on an evening out for dinner as the design is simple and black. Our shirts are designed in V-neck or crew neck style and pair nicely with blue jeans. Alpaca leggings are perfect for wearing under dresses or long tops. Our wool leggings are also not see-through, so you can wear them with a short top as well. 

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