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Published Oct 01, 2019 | Updated August 10, 2020


We're sure you've heard of alpaca wool jumpers before, but maybe you've never thought of them as a good part of your outdoor gear or travel wardrobe. Here are four reasons why alpaca wool makes the best sweater for the outdoors (in our opinion):


With its extra fine fibres and unique structure, alpaca wool traps air in the knit of the sweater and within the fibres themselves, making it the perfect insulating layer. Alpaca makes the best wool jumpers for autumn and winter because:

  • No other natural wool fibre can beat the softness of royal alpaca wool.
  • The semi-hollow fibres keep you feeling warm whilst being highly breathable.
  • Alpaca wool wicks sweat away from your body to help keep you warm and dry.
Woman in black women's alpaca wool hoodie hugging and alpaca


Our men's alpaca wool sweaters and women’s equivalents are designed with travel and outdoor sports in mind, so you can stay warm whatever you’re doing.

  • Designed to fit snugly to your body shape, our base and mid layers move with you as you climb, ski or hike.
  • The longer length and elongated back panel ensure extended coverage, so you won’t feel exposed when reaching up or bending over.
  • The sleeves are extra-long and thumb holes help keep them in place to form a cosy seal, as well as making layering easier.
Two men wearing alpaca wool base layer mens in the mountains


Peruvian alpacas are raised in the Andes mountains, their natural habitat, so they have developed adaptations which allow them to live in synergy with the environment. 

  •  When grazing, alpacas cut the grass with their teeth instead of yanking it from the root, promoting regrowth.
  • Alpacas have soft, padded feet, so they don’t damage the ground or contribute to erosion.
  •  To prevent contamination of food and water sources, alpaca herds defecate in common dung piles and their poo is used by farmers as fertiliser and biomass fuel!
A group of young alpaca grazing with the rest of the flock in the background

Even after the fibre is collected, alpaca wool clothing is an eco-friendly option because:

  •  Processes for washing the wool and producing the fabric involve fewer harmful chemicals than other fabrics.
  • Arms of Andes alpaca outdoor clothing is single sourced in Peru, reducing the overall carbon footprint of production.
  •  You won’t need to wash your alpaca jumper much, helping you to reduce water use, because alpaca wool is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant.
  • Alpaca wool is biodegradable, so won’t damage the environment when you eventually throw it away.

To learn more about the sustainability of alpaca wool, see our sustainability page.


For backpackers and travellers who travel with just a backpack or carry on suitcase, space and weight are important considerations when packing. Lightweight items that can be worn on multiple occasions and don’t take up much space, are key. Our alpaca jumpers women's collection, like the men’s collection, satisfy those requirements by being:

  • Wrinkle-resistant: Roll your jumper into a pillow for a long flight, then shake it out when you arrive, for that fresh, wrinkle free look!
  • Odour-free: the antibacterial properties of alpaca wool mean it won’t smell even after prolonged use or sweating heavily, so you wear it for longer meaning you can pack less.
  • Lightweight: Alpaca fibres are medullated – which means they have a less dense oval tube in the center – so are much lighter than other wools.

Learn more about the propertoesof alpaca wool on our alpaca wool performance page.

Woman in black alpaca wool hoodie womens half-zip

So Why Choose Arms of Andes Alpaca Wool Jumpers?


Arms of Andes has 4 different styles of alpaca sweater in two different fabric weights (or thicknesses), so we’ve got you covered for all activities and weather conditions.

Cold climates, snow sports and mountaineering

If you’re going somewhere really cold or are participating in winter sports, pairing our alpaca wool base layer with our alpaca wool mid layer will help keep your warmth inside. Having both items in your luggage will give you more versatility: you may be fine with just a base layer under your outer shell when you’re being very active, but you’ll want to layer on the mid layer while sitting on the chairlift or taking in the scenery; and the stylish mid layers work great over a shirt for après-ski activities.

Man in black alpaca wool men's midlayer half-zip
Woman in black alpaca baselayer hoodie half-zip

Travel and outdoor sports

If you’re going somewhere with milder climates for hiking, climbing, cycling, fell running, fishing, hunting, or exploring the sites, our alpaca wool base layer should be enough on its own. It’s also great to have in your bag in case you get chilly on the plane or during a long bus ride.

If you aren’t sure about which alpaca wool sweater is best for you, message us and we will answer any questions you have!


Arms of Andes is almost everywhere! We are located in the USA, EU, and Peru and if you need an alpaca wool jumper right away, we can ship anywhere! Feel free to mention how soon you need your alpaca wool clothes and we will sort something out for you.

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